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2 Clothing Tips for Early Pregnancy

The pregnancy can affect to women body differently. Every women will experience abdominal bloating with different shapes during pregnancy. Most of them will have abdominal bloating which tend to be low, but there are also pregnant women with abdominal bloating likely to be high.


Stylish a Pregnant Woman

Whatever their condition, pregnant women can still look attractive with the mix and match fashion rightly. Here are some solutions for the women clothing during pregnancy :

Enlarge Tent to Be Low

In your clothing, focus on the others body to divert attention away from your stomach area. Wear a pencil skirt to give length impression on your body by accentuating leg area. To disguise your body shape, choose a dark color cloth or black skirt denim made. Draw someone attention to your top body by wearing V-neck dress with superior light-color to cover your stomach area.

If it's convenient, you can wear shoes on wedge models. Don't forget to use accessories like long earrings or necklaces. Tops clothing with an accent on the waist and V-neck could be another mainstay. This clothing one model will accentuate your top-area look and waist enlarged line. You can also add the shorter size cardigan than the tops dress to provide balanced proportions. The low stomach usually makes your look bigger, so wear dark boot-cut slacks with flat shoes to work around this.

Enlarged Tend to Be High

If your body enlarged tend to be high, your chest and abdomen look like converge. But don't worry, keep your proportionally looking by select right clothes. The main focus is appear your feminine fashion without a lot of detail and accent for a sleek effect.

Color block dress often become mainstay for a pregnant woman. Choose dress with a contrasting color on top and bottom area. You can also wear small-sized belt on top stomach area while using dress. Belts are useful as separators between top abdomen area and enlarged abdomen area. Match this dress by using canvas flated shoes and bright colored bag. Necklace and bangle also can increase your styles.

Other clothing options are use clothes with line accent under chest. To get around the enlarged top area, choose light-colored trousers. Use simply necklaces and match it with sunglasses, clutch, and same-colored shoes with clothes.

Sabtu, 23 Mei 2015

10 Tips for Mood Swings During Pregnancy

The pregnancy will make many changes in a woman's body. There aren't a few women who think that pregnancy is a time of stressness. In fact, every sermon would say that pregnant women should keep positive thinking and maintain healthy for their baby. Because that, you need a sense of happiness and good mood in order to maintain your healthy during pregnancy.


Pregnancy Mood Swings

Here are some tips for pregnant women in order to feel more comfortable and beautiful throughout their pregnancy :

1. Do Exercise Regularly

Maybe it hears rather difficult to do, but remember walking or doing sports activities during pregnancy is an important thing to do in order to maintain healthfull during their nine months of pregnancy and after. Exercise can stimulate your metabolism, build muscle, burn fat, and issued endorphins hormone that will help you happier and more energetic. Light exercise is highly recommended to be done at any pregnancy stage.

2. Apply a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Fast food just will make you tired and unenergetic. But eat healthy, diverse, and nutritionfull food can make you feel more comfortable. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, seeds, nuts, and health fats such as avocados and olive oil. These nutrients and energy foods will make you and your baby become stronger and healthier.

3. Pamper Yourself

Go to salon and ask pedicure, hair blow, or simply massage when you need it. Or, you can also relax at home with accompanied by cool drinks and jazz music that will help to make you feel calmer. With mounting activity, make sure you spend a little time for yourself every week. Relaxation will reduce your tension level because it can help you body calmer, heathier, and happier even pregnancy.

4. Accept Yourself as You are

During pregnancy, your body changes quite dramatically. Your stomach expand, so does your breast. Maybe, you also be aware there are your body parts enlarged. Keep enjoy it. Know that your body is keeping and caring your baby inside. Your body changes is a sign that it's doing everything to keep your baby grows perfectly. Bear in your mind that you've a sexy curvy body. Even more importantly, high confidence is sexier than anything else.

5. Drink a Lot of Fresh Water

Reduce carbonated drinks and sugary juices. The drink during pregnancy should be fresh water, fruit and vegetable juice, and low-fat milk. Fresh water can remove toxins and aid digestion, therefore making you feel more energetic and healthy.

6. Avoid Salt to Reduce Swelling

Most of women will get swelling in ankles, feet, toes, nose, and face during pregnancy. It isn't suprisingly, some women feel a lack of confidence while undergoing pregnancy. Avoid salt can dramatically reduce the swelling. For other measures, eat foods that contain high potassium such as bananas, because this mineral helps your body fluid the metabolism and counteract the sodium effect which can cause water retention. In addition, potassium can also make your blood pressure more stable.

7. Don't Forget Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins ensure you to build the baby grow defenses and remain its healthy. Vitamins will expel fatigue and curiosity snacking because your body will take nutrients provided by these vitamins.

8. Reduce Sugar

Pregnancy can change your body in various ways, include the processing of sugar. Consume too much of sugar can make you feel dizzy and tired. It isn't good for your pancreas because your insulin needing will increase and excessive. Keeping your blood stays health by eating more protein and whole grain will prevent your blood levels drop drastically. Maybe, this condition can make you feel shaky and like fainting.

9. Reduce Stress as Much as Possible

If a particular situation makes you feel like anger or stress, reduce it as much as possible. Also, if a particular topic always sparks arguments between you, and your friends or your family, avoid it as much as possible. Be remember, don't be confusing what other people say today. The most important thing now is your baby stay healthy. Don't forget to avoid unpleasant situations and tell your friends or your family why you are doing this, so they can understanding your condition.

10. Wanna Having Sex? Do It!

Your sex desire may be larger when you are pregnanting. Don't ignore it, but embrace this feeling. Perform an intimate experience with your husband when you're ready and want it. If it done by carefully, sex not only won't hurt the baby inside your stomach, but also won't cause the miscarriage.

Jumat, 22 Mei 2015

3 Things You Should Not Do During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful moment for all of women. Because there is a growing fetus in the womb, a pregnant woman should maintain her pregnancy condition. Not just limiting themselves do strenuous activity, but also avoid toxins which can enter their body.



What are things you shouldn't do during pregnancy?

1. Use Skin Care Products Carelessly

For oily skin, you can choose skin and face care products which have oil-free label, use absorption oil face paper, and select a specific oily face facial cleanser. You should avoid oily skin products types that contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, paraben, and retinoids.

For dry and flaky skin, use a skin mild cleanser with high moisturizer. Don't swim in water that contain chlorine because it can aggravate your skin condition.

The safe and health methods of skin care is you can use natural ingredients for your skin care during pregnancy. For example, make a cucumber mask or use olive oil for massage.

2. Limit Sun Exposure

Some pregnant women will be exposed black spots on their skin. One of its trigger was sun exposure. So, make sure you don't have exposure to the sun too long. You can also use a lotion that contains SPF (Sun Protection Factor), at least SPF. Don't worry, these blackspots usually disappear after childbirth. Of course, you can cover these blackspots with powder during pregnancy.

3. Don't Color Your Hair

In the first of pregnancy, avoid to use hair dyes that contains a lot of chemical, because your fetus is very vulnerable and weak in first month until third month. You may apply hair dye when your pregnant enter second and third trimester. But, the products you can used weren't be indiscriminate. You can also choose hair dye made from henna.

Alternatively, you can do hair highlight. Usually, application of highlight cream starts from middle area of the hair, don't touch the hair base and scalp, thereby for minimizing chemical substances absorbed by your hair scalp. When painting your hair, either at home or salon, make sure you are in the good air circulation room. If you smell hair dye longly, it's very dangerous for the lungs and the fetus grow.

Kamis, 21 Mei 2015

6 Ways to Relieve Stress for a Pregnant Woman

For a pregnant woman, high stress level can be a big problem. Not only for herself, but also the fetus. There are many things can cause a pregnant woman feel discomfort, both physically and psychology. Here are some tips to relieve high stress level for pregnant women :


A Pregnant Woman

1. Find The Problem Root

Try to undergo light activity such as rest from work and find what is the trigger that make you stressed. Usually, stress is a form of fear and anxiety, and no one can guess what is the other person's mood. Therefore, learn the signal that comes from your body along with psychological changes. Then, get rest immediately.

2. Sleep Like a Baby

Sleep at least eight hours in every night. During pregnancy, your body need adequate rest time to relieve physical stress, calm the mind, and help rejuvenate your body. Moreover, pregnant women body has to work harder than usual to carry two people function, so it's important for you to relieve stress and stop thinking hardly. Doing some relaxation exercises can also free your mind for everyday problems.

3. Eat Healthy Foods

It's important for a pregnant woman eats healthy foods regularly with a balanced diet and doesn't skip breakfast. Pregnant women who have high level stress often find a solution to eat food in smaller portion and tend to choose junky delicious foods. By eating regulary, your desire to eat snack can be suppressed.

4. Do Body and Mind Exercise

Exercise is one effective way to ease stress from your body felt. By doing some physical activity, your blood circulation will rotate much smoother and your body will release cortisol hormone that can relieve stress. Meanwhile to obtain mind peace, you can work by listening music or watching film.

5. Feel Relax

Many women experience stress in their pregnancy. To overcome this pain, there's no harm if you try some relaxation methods. This technique might be can help you to get sleep better and relieve stress that usually associated with physical pain such as backpain, nausea, and headache. So, relax is the most powerfull weapon against abnormal stress.

6. Learn from Other's Experience

When a woman knows that she will become a mother, there are many questions arise in his mind. Unfortunately, these questions can be one of the biggest reason why a pregnant woman feels stress. Way to overcome this problem is learn about pregnancy from those who have experienced it. Talk with your mother or friend who had already been through it. By recieving a lot of good answers from your mother or friend, you can feel more confident in dealing with stress.

Rabu, 20 Mei 2015

How to Relieve Lower Backpain During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is most special moment in the world of family. However it should be lived as a loveliest gift from God, although sometimes pregnant women will feel backpain. Well, what can we do to relieve relieve backpain during pregnancy? Let's look at some tips below!



Why can pregnant women complain of lower backpain?

Do you know, enlargement of the women uterus and abdomen will cause stretching of her body muscle, such as groin, waist, abdomen, and along spine. This stretch is normal as a sign of the women pregnant body to prepare large space for growing fetus in womb. In addition, abdomen enlargement due to uterus grow during pregnancy can also disturb mother's body balance slightly. Therefore, we often see a pregnant woman walk bendly leaned toward to the rear, beside nausea and vomiting. This habit should be avoided because it will result in pain at waist.

Here are tips for relieve lower backpain during pregnancy :

  1. For pregnant women who work with more standing position, preferably keep standing position with upright posture, back straight, and parallel to shoulder. Don't bend or arch your back towards to the rear.
  2. When sitting strived backbone position parallel to seat backrest and feet flat on the floor.
  3. Avoid on standing position continuously for 6 hours or more.
  4. Don't forget to correct sitting position or make a seat position correction every few moments. If necessary, get sitting position straightly and wedge backbone with thin pillows.
  5. Do some exercise to get relaxation in office hours rest. Start from make relaxing the muscles of neck, back, and waist. Besides, get relax with a long deep breath and exhale through mouth slowly. This should be done every lower backpain felt.
  6. When you want to bend over to take something under the table, try to do it in safe position. First get standing upright position then bend your one knee and keep your back to remain straight. After that, flex your lower back toward to the front slowly. At time to standing, do it heartly so your body balance is maintained.
  7. Get warm water bath or soak in warm water that has been spiked with salt. Do a light massage along the spine plate and back with direction of circular motion.
  8. Best sleep position for pregnant women is tilted leftward to facilitate blood circulation from her to her baby. Place your feet on the thin wedge pillow between knees.
  9. If there isn't doctors prohibition or contra indications about your pregnancy, you can try doing pregnancy exercising, breathing, and walking every day for 30 to 60 minutes.
  10. Last but not least, accept all of the physical and psychological during pregnancy happily. You should be grateful for pregnancy experienced and make it as best colorful moment of being a mother. Don't sink into the bad felt, complaint, and burden. Remember, there isn't all momen be able to conceive. So thankful to God despite you feel a little uncomfortable.

Selasa, 19 Mei 2015

3 Tips for Dealing with Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a moment that always awaited by women who had been married. Not only pregnant wife enthusiast about this, but also husband and extended family are delighted with pregnancy. Especially if this is a first pregnancy, of course it would be a very happy news.

Nevertheless, pregnant women should be prepare with the bad condition during pregnancy. Such as nausea and vomiting that always experienced by a pregnant woman in the youth pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting usually can make pregnant women who suffering feel tired. Even, pregnant women often get sick because this conditions felt constantly. In addition, nausea and vomiting can make pregnant women shortage of nutrition that have negatives impact on her body.


A Pregnant Woman

Are you feel nausea and vomiting during your pregnancy? Dealing this conditions with the tips below!

1. Eat Small Portions of Food

It is true that pregnant women should get adequate food intake during pregnancy. But it doesn't mean you must eat in a bigger portion of food than usual. Especially if you feel nausea and vomiting, eating big portion of food only make you aggravate this condition. The solution is eat a smaller portion of food with an often meal. Don't forget to note the foods kinds that you eat and avoid foods that can aggravate this bad conditions.

2. Get a Drink Plenty

Second tips for reducing nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is drink fresh water frequently. The fresh water not only avoid dehydration, but also can reduce vomiting and nausea efficiently. In addition, you can make a healthy juice from fruits and vegetables. Still keeping out from drinks that aren't good for pregnant women, such as soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

3. Consume Some Vitamins

Vitamins that can help to care nausea and vomiting is vitamin B6. This vitamin can found in banana, potato, avocado, brocolli, and watermelon. You can eat these fruits and vegetables freshly or blend it to a juice drink.

Senin, 18 Mei 2015

6 Easy Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

Would you like to getting pregnant faster? For some people, pregnancy does not come quickly. The six tips below can help you realize your desire to get pregnant with natural and healthy way.



1. Make Sure Your Weight is Reasonable

A pregnancy usually come when your body weight is ideal. Even so, it doesn't mean you must do a radical weight loss diet through many instant ways that aren't healthy. The best way is setting up your diet and exercise before make a conception, then continue it during pregnancy and after childbirth. Keeping weight is also means quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, taking prenatal vitamins, and eating healthy foods.

2. Make a Prediction Fertile Period

To maximize pregnancy chance, you can try to use a fertility predictor. This tool will help you to detect the high luteinizing hormone when you are in fertile period. Fortunatelly, this tool is very easy to use like a pregnancy test kits.

3. Keep a Romantic Atmosphere

One attempt to get pregnant faster is make a sexual intercourse in the fertile period. However a great desire to get pregnant sometimes will make sexual intercourse as a boring duty, thus bring and risky stuck you and your husband in a tense atmosphere. To prevent this negative atmosphere, try to be a romantic person and do some relaxing activity before making love. For example, you can watch a romantic movies and talk about something that interesting. Besides, you have to also avoid forcing your couple making love just because you are in the fertile period. Keep sexual event stay as enjoyable activity without coercion and pressure.

4. Test and test

When the fertilized egg cell patch with the uterus, human body will produce a hormone called humanchorionic gonadotropin (hCG) that can be detected by a pregnancy test kits. Don't hesitate to take a pregnancy if your menstrual period late. This method is very helpful to protect your baby. So, you can immediately change your lifestyle for fetus healthy.

5. Prepare Mentally

Not only you need to make a pregnancy test during menstrual late, but you also need to prepare your mentally. Impatiently waiting for result of the pregnancy test can make you sad if the result is negative. Some experts said possibility of the fertile couples to conceive per pregnancy cycle is 20 percent and about 50 percent of the childbearing age couples can get pregnant after six months. Meanwhile, 85 percen of the new couple can get pregnant after doing one year of a pregnancy program.

6. Join with The Community

If you are still trying to get pregnant, believe that you are not alone. Find some friends who have same problems or join the pregnancy community. This will open up your pregnant knowledge and can be shared experience media about pregnancy. You know, if you have friends with the same condition, it will make your heart be more calm and doesn't stressed. Then, if your emotional state and mind stay calm, isn't impossible to help you get pregnant faster.